Our CEO - Vikas Mahajan

The CEO of The Health and Beauty Distributor Inc, Vikas Mahajan, had an incredible journey from a sales representative to a successful entrepreneur  

He began his journey 17 years ago when he immigrated to Canada with his family.His MBA degree and work experience at Gillette and International Flavor and Fragrances in India gave him the confidence to connect with the company Perfumes Etc. presently known as The Health and Beauty Distributor. He started his journey with a challenge to develop a market for unknown brand of fragrances, which were owners own manufacturing, where he was able to grow sales from $110,000 a year to $740,000 in just one quarter. 

Impressed by his arduous work and outstanding performance, the owners entrusted Vikas to manage his division independently.  

From 2004 to 2014, Vikas took the brand to chain stores in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Belgium. In 2016 Vikas took the biggest leap of his career with acquiring Perfumes Etc. (THBD) with 100% ownership  

With his business acumen and foresight, Vikas was able to acquire the distribution rights to well-known global brands such as Coty Canada (Nautica, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Lacoste), Guess, Fogg, 3AVN and many others. 


Today, his company's is servicing 3,000 stores/pharmacies across Canada, from the East to the West Coast.  

In 2021, the company decided to expand into the healthcare sector and launched its own brand, 3AVN, for home health products. 

Vikas attributes his success to his strong dynamic team. A firm believer of Women empowerment, almost 90% of his employees are women, not to mention his Rock of Gibraltar, his wife Jyoti, who shares his passion and works alongside him.